Wednesday, November 14, 2007


You must be surprised why I am not posting pictures of my latest arrivals instead, but I just want to ask you how much do you know about Breast Cancer? I have attended the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign last week and i come to realise, how many of us actually knows how to do Breast Self-examination.
We have been very busy with our daily life routine, work work work..but then we still hang out with friends and of coz shopping frequently...But do we actually do monthly checks on our breast or even know how? Hmmm.....
Let me help you to know more about Breast Cancer and it could save you your breast and your life. Learn more about it..Don't be Ignorant!! Love yourself...

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Too Young?

" Cancer can be missed by a mammogram due to greater density of breast tissue in younger women"

Think Again!





There are many good reasons for doing a breast self-exam each month. One reason is that it is very easy to do and the more you do it, the better you will get at it. When you get to know how your breast normally feel, you will quickly be able to feel any change, and early detection is the key to successful treatment and cure.

When to do Breast Self-Exam?
The best time to do breast self-exam is right after your period, when breast are not tender or swollen. If you do not have regular periods or sometimes skip a month, do it on the same day every month.

NOW....How to do Breast Self Exam:
1. Lie down and put a pillow under your right shoulder. Place your right arm behind you head.

2. Use the finger pads of your three middle fingers on your left hand to feel for lumps or thickening. Your finger pads are the top third of each finger.

3. Press firmly enough to know how your breast feels. If you're not sure how hard to press, ask your health care provider. Or try to copy the way your health care provider uses the finger pads during a breast exam. Learn what your breast feels like most of the time. A firm ridge in the lower curve of each breast is normal.

4. Move around the breast in a set way. You can choose either the circle A, the up and down line B, or the wedge C. Do it the same every time. It will help you to make sure that you've gone over the entire breast area, and to remember how your breast feels.

5. Now examine your left breast using right hand finger pads.

6. If you find any changes, see your doctor right away.

For ADDED Safety:
You should also check your breasts while standing in front of a mirror right after you do your breast self-exam each month. See if there are any changes in the way your breasts look: dimpling of the skin, changes in the nipple, or redness or swelling.

You might also want to do a breast self-exam while you're in shower. Your soapy hands will glide over the wet skin making it easier to check how your breast feel.

A breast self-exam could save your breast and save your life. Most breast lumps are found by women themselves,but,in fact, most lumps in the breast are not cancer. BE SAFE, BE SURE!

Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) Tel: 03-7954 0133
The National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) Tel: 03-2698 7351
College of Radiology Malaysia,Tel: 07-932 5228
Breast Cancer Centre, Pantai Medical Centre, Tel: 03-2296 0837

To learn more, please visit:

Don't just READ it but PLEASE....PLEASE DO IT LADIES!!....LOVE LIFE.. :)